12 Steps Companion App Reviews

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Absolutely the best recovery app!!

I am so grateful that I found this great companion. Ill be showing this to all my friends!!!

great app except-

the notes I so studiously made in meetings don’t “travel”. What I put in my iPad, doesn’t appear in my iPad, and when I stopped using my iPod, all those notes suddenly disappeared from my iPad. I lost everything! grrrrr<sob>

Dr. Addict Alcoholic - Acceptance Was The Answer

One of the MOST QUOTED STORIES in a meeting, Acceptance Was the Answer ( Dr. Addict Alcoholic) is not included in the personal stories. Perhaps you could do an app update to include it. I carry my iPad to meetings and rely on it for my Big Book. Also, when will the 12x12 be one of your apps?


Calc not calculating correctly

Missing some key points!

Acceptance was the key! Big missing piece here! Was pg 449 (3rd ed.), pg 417 (4th ed.), use this & read almost everyday, so I have to leave this app and go elsewhere, finding myself using less & less.


I have used the 12 Step Companion for more than a year now, and I loved it. However, it seems the latest update has rendered it utterly useless for me because when I move from the Day counter to the Big book it lets me read only the last open story and none of the navigator buttons works anymore. I might as well delete it and go back to my real Big Book. Bummer.

Needs the 4th Edition

Id gladly give this 5 stars if it had the 4th edition stories added. Its an invaluable tool for recovery.

Needs revision update!

This is a very well put together and useful app. But if Im not mistaken this is only the 2nd addition of the big book. The current version being give out in AA meetings is the 4th addition. I would love to keep using this app but I hate having to refer back to my actual big book to make sure I am getting the most up to date text. I would definitely give this a 5 star review if the Dev were to update the text. Also a bookmarking feature would be nice so I could bookmark multiple pages for study purpose.

Great app

This app provides me with everything I need. Got my big book and everything else .

So Close!

This app is solid. The notes and highlight options are great! My only complaint is that the italicized words in the book are not present in the app. Please make this identical to the text! Italics!

Great when BB is not around

Search feature is great but result remains highlighted. Unable to un-highlight it.

A great reference tool

Hopefully whoever gets this app has already read the book. If you are familiar with the Big Book then this is a great tool to refer back to. It has search available, the ability to highlight, and the ability to make notes. The extra 12 step prayers is a nice addition. I also like that the opening screen is a sobriety calculator. Its a nice reminder that this thing works.

I like

Daily reflections would be a great addition . Meeting schedule could be better. All in all ok app. If I didnt pick things apart would I be alcoholic.

A primary resource

The search features are powerful. The ability to enter a single word or phrase, and find all instances of, is immensely helpful in my studies. This is the second edition, not the current fourth edition. The differences are minor and so subtle you may not recognize them. There has been extreme reticence over the years on the part of the active sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous to change anything in the Big Book ... "IF IT WORKS, DONT FIX IT" ... All changes made have been minor in nature, and reflecting the growth of the Fellowship.


This is the greatest recovery app out there. All the essentials, made even easier. Thanks

Essential app to my recovery

I love this app and use it every day in my recovery. The day counter helps me to track my sobriety and I read the prayers almost every day. I would give it 5 star except it has only the 2nd version of the Big book. If it was the 3rd I would give it 4 stars and obviously if it had the latest version it would get a 5 star rating.

Powerful, Helpful, Awesome Tool!!

I have been using this app daily for the past few weeks. I am not an alcoholic, but a food addict. The ability to simply pull out your phone and have The Big Book available!! To be able to hi-light portions, search, journal, find meetings.....just amazing. Thank You Higher Power for giving the developer such skill and knowledge to help us all. "Together We Get Better"

Great Personal Resource

It was a great Pleasure to find this manual. Dean has put a lot of effort to make the corrections so now everything just works, Great job! I hope he gives us color choices for highlighting. I recommend this app to all in recovery.

Something wrong.....?!

This app is great. Comes in handy but after the recent update I notice it no longer saves my info like bookmarks or sobriety date. Its a lil annoying each time I open it up and have to keep putting in the info over and over. Ill try uninstalling and download again. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your service.

doesnt work on iPad

when i first open the app it says to enter sobriety date but when you touch the screen it jumps to the big book and that is it. you can read and search the book but nothing else. none of the other features it claims to have are available. a waste of my money. do not download!

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